Gourmet Popsicles Sarasota Florida

Gourmet Popsicles Sarasota Florida, made with all natural, preservative free ingredients

Are your crazy about Popsicles? So are we!

People enjoy comfort foods and Popsicles are right up there when it comes to making people feel good. To me, there is nothing like the smile on a person's face (young and old alike) when they taste a handcrafted, all natural, Pop Craft pop.

Artisan gourmet pops are a healthy alternative to some of the overly sweetened, processed frozen treats that have been making the scene for years. Pop Craft uses locally sourced, seasonal whole food to create our delicious frozen confections and we choose only the very best ingredients we can find.

Pop Craft has taken the art or should I say, "craft" of creating these delicious treats to a new level. We have added our own personal flare, incorporating smells and flavors that are both sweet and savory that are unique to us. Each one of our innovative flavor combinations include a "secret" ingredient that separates our flavor profiles from anyone else.

Creativity and passion for what we do are the driving forces behind our company. We hope you have the opportunity to experience our taste sensations and you will see the difference for yourself.

Buon Appetito!


Monday-Saturday - 12:00 pm to 6 pm.

Closed on Sunday

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